Tip 14: Round Robin versus Non Round | Psychic Jobs

Back in the day of 1-900 number Psychic Readings, a measurement was put in place called Round Robin.  That format sent the next caller to the psychic reader with the highest call average. Back in that era, 900 phone numbers billed clients to their phone bill.

Then when 800 numbers were being used in for Psychic Readings, clients would be able to charge their readings onto their credit cards.

However, since a structure was put in place for routing calls, Round Robin continued.

On so many levels there were always issues with Round Robin.  First, the repeat client issue was never addressed.  See, if a repeat client would call a favorite psychic of his/her choice and a call history was established, it would not be factored in.  So if any subsequent calls were short, it would work against the Psychic’s call average.

Also, with the age of cell phones taking over, most callers would use that instead of a landline.  Well, as we all know, cell phones have reception issues, a battery, dead zones, and more.  So a client’s call dropping could also be a catastrophe towards the Psychic’s call average.

The thing to understand is that NON Round Robin networks do not use call average as they do not send calls to the Psychic.  They do not have a special button to send Psychic Mary at extension 1234 a call this moment.  Instead, clients select the Psychic they would like to speak with.  This is helpful to know so that it helps the Psychic reader maximize the fullest potentials.

With the above said, Round Robin is a major problem in long term usage.  Think about it:  a Psychic that has rendered services for over 5 years on a network is pre-empted by a new hire due to call average.  So if you want networks to send you calls, be prepared for matters that can be beyond your control.

Our network doesn’t not Round Robin calls.  Round Robin is outdated.Psychic jobs

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