Tip 20: Careful-Porn Companies Double Dipping as Psychic Networks

Psychic jobsI was at a red light a few weeks ago and glanced at the buildings around me as I waited.  I spotted the headquarters of a company I was familiar with that offered Psychic Readings via webcam back in 2011.  They closed the Psychic Readings division within 6 months of operation.

I chuckled as I kept driving.  Back in 2011 they launched their Psychic division.  However, their main bread and butter was and still is adult webcams.

A few of our applicants told me about that company they rendered services for their psychic division before they closed.

Some of the comments I heard ranged from asking psychics if they would like to also render services as adult models, being confused as “model” talent and receiving explicit tips on improving adult “services” to being called “models” instead of Psychics.

One Psychic laughed it off.  As a 70 year old Psychic she said she always dreamed of being a model when she was a teenager and she guessed her dream finally came true!

All joking aside, companies that have their hands in adult services do not know the first thing about quality psychic readings.  Instead, they are attempt a psychic business as a quick buck.  Though there is nothing wrong with wanting to be in business, the lack of knowledge whereby adult entertainment business metrics are projected to psychic staff is unprofessional and sleazy.  Yes, I may sound like a bit of a critic for making that comment.  However the truth be said, companies like “Red Light” seldomly last because their lack of know is demonstrative in every capacity (administration, human resources, marketing, etc..) At the end of the day, that company pulled operations in a short amount of time.  The odd part was that they were already a million dollar enterprise.  Hence, they developed web cam software.

The disturbing part about that fiasco is that some of their already existing staff members in the adult arena were double dipping into the Psychic pool.  Surely the integrity of our industry becomes questionable with such practices.

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