Tip 32: Chat vs Phone Readings

Technology has given our market vast opportunities to communicate with clients in different modes.  Chat readings are great for clients that need privacy, located overseas, or want a keep their atmosphere quiet while getting a reading.

It is important to know that the bulk of readings are still done by telephone.  Telephone Psychic Readings are more intimate.  Telephone Psychic readings are quicker to do than to type out.   More importantly, Psychics can get voice vibrations.  Surely that would not be available via chat.

There are some networks that will only test a psychic out via a phone reading in order to place them in chat.  They believe that if a reader can handle a phone reading, they can handle typing their reading.  I would support that as well.  I also believe testing a reader applicant by telephone is an important way to test to see if the applicant is truly well crafted in their tools.  For example, I’ve heard stories of applicants reading from books during a reading.  That would be difficult to spot in a chat reading, whereas on the phone it would be obvious.  

Surely, for a chat reading it would be pivotal for the reader to have technological skills on top of reading skills.  The later certainly takes priority.  There were instances on another network (now closed) had some readers that were excellent psychics, yet they lacked the technological capacity to use the company’s dashboard.  I certainly can understand that a reader’s specialty at all times must be reading, not technology.  I also understand the company’s quest for having reader’s that have both.  It is a difficult balance.  Fortunately, many readers in today’s market are equipped with both as 20 years ago technology was still growing. 

The moral of this story is always hone your reading craft first and never stop learning technology as it is the way of the future. Apply now for a position as a psychic advisor.