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Psychic JobsWelcome to our Psychic Jobs blog.  Our mission in this blog is to give you tips on how to succeed in the industry.

There are many tips that will be suggested.  These tips serve for productive usage not only for Psychic readers but also any type of employment.  Surely our focus will be for Psychics.

Our staffing coordinators have a diversified work histories.  They bring their unique talents and experiences.  We hope you enjoy these whether you are staffed by PsychicLink or find employment elsewhere.

The majority of Psychic Jobs are over the telephone.  Though there are many other types of venues that offer online psychic readings, email readings, video camera readings, we will cover tips as well for just about any type of psychic work in today’s market as well.  Regardless of the mode a network offers, there is a common ground all networks share:  psychics that work as independent contractors.

Our industry is a niche field. Psychics are a niche talent. We can suggest what works and what doesn’t work  when it comes to apply, interviewing, testing, working, and researching.

We hope you enjoy the information we will share with you.  Knowledge is power.  Hard work is always an important ingredient to achieve recognition. Yet working smarter is wiser.  Understanding our industry comes thru trials and errors.  Let’s face it, there aren’t many books about our industry.

Sure general employment tips are universal.  Yet, to truly understand our industry requires experience.  So in this blog we will feature a tip from our coordinators that will explain to you how to run a situation around when it comes to applying, interviewing, testing, and/or working on  a Psychic Network.

Our Network steers clear of Psychic Sweatshop practices.  You will also find postings about 2 current psychic sweatshops where the conditions are questionable. We steer away from such practices.

Finally, we always recommend to keep honing your psychic talents. A psychic is like an artist.  One day there may be more demand for something else.  The more skills you have — the better.  Be sure to apply to our network for a psychic job.

Best wishes and enjoy!




Tip 28: Likeability: Another Key To Success.

Psychic JobsAccording to the dictionary, the definition of likeable is:  (especially of a person) pleasant, friendly, and easy to like.  Synonyms include:  pleasant, nice, friendly, agreeable, affable, amiable, genial, personable, charming, popular, good-natured, engaging, appealing, endearing, convivial, congenial, simpatico, winning, delightful, enchanting, lovable, adorable, sweet.

Surely, this quality does not mean being carrying out a hidden agenda or untrue.  Rather, it means having empathy, life skills in check, communication skills, and above all, a way to handle disgruntled situations.

Recently a friend of mine had a victory with her manager.  She handled difficult and potential stressful with poise.  How?  The manager had a technical glitch and shamed her.  My friend did not resort to offensive/defensive mode.  Instead, she resorted to solution mode.  It turned out her manager had a technical glitch and got reactive.

Now, had my friend operated on the defensive, it would have created a new problem.  So my friend decided to place the needed work in a separate location.  Later, the manager discovered it was a technical glitch and apologized.

Sure, my friend was shattered for a few moments and had to deal with some heavy feelings.  However, at the end, she was grateful that she applied many of her self improvement courses in not only handling a difficult situation with ease, but also, strengthened her bond with her manager.

My friend clearly demonstrated herself as likeable because she retained kindness, ease, and a personable demeanor (see definition.)

At the end of the day, all companies need staff members that are likeable.  We are humans having a human experience.  No one is exempt from mistakes.  It is important to be on top of following directions and exercising proper communication and life skills.

In fact, clients that obtain services from a psychic network will only continue to seek the services of the Psychic’s they liked? Why? The Psychic had to possess good skills and be likeable.

Exercising good life skills takes time.  Most of these skills are acquired through trial and error.  When we apply the past into the present, it brightens our future.  That is applicable for all areas of our lives including our professional life.

Apply today for a psychic reader position on our network.

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