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Welcome to our Psychic Jobs blog. Our mission in this blog is to give you tips on how to succeed in the industry.

Many tips suggested are for Psychic readers. However, many universal suggestions serve for any employment.

Our staffing coordinators have a diversified work history. They bring their unique talents and experiences. We hope you enjoy these whether you are staffed by PsychicLink or find employment elsewhere.

The majority of Psychic Jobs are over the telephone. Though many other types of venues offer online psychic readings, email readings, video camera readings, we will cover tips as well for just about any psychic work in today’s market as well. Regardless of the mode a network offers, there is a common ground all Networks share: psychics that work as independent contractors.

Our industry is a niche field. Psychics are a niche talent. We can suggest what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to applying, interviewing, testing, working, and researching.

We hope you enjoy the information we will share with you. Knowledge is power. Hard work is always an essential ingredient in achieving recognition. Working smarter is wiser. Understanding our industry comes through trials and errors. Let’s face it; there aren’t many books about our industry.

Sure general employment tips are universal. To truly understand, our industry requires experience. So in this blog, we will feature a bit of advice from our coordinators that will explain to you how to run a situation around when it comes to applying, interviewing, testing, and working on a Psychic Network.

Our Network steers clear of Psychic Sweatshop practices. You will also find postings about two current psychic sweatshops where the conditions are questionable. We drive away from such practices.

Finally, we always recommend honing your psychic talents. A psychic is like an artist. One day there may be more demand for something else. The more skills you have, the better. Be sure to apply to our Network for a psychic job. We are one of the best psychic lines that are hiring.

Best wishes, savor it!

Tip #47: Noisy Background

Work from home
Work from home

I overheard a client discuss her experience on another Psychic Network.  She was frustrated by the lack of quality control the company had with the Psychic Reader. 

When that client was connected to the Psychic, it started as an okay reading.  It then progressed to disruptive.  A child started screaming in the background.  Later, barking dogs entered into the atmosphere.  The client hung up as she became uncomfortable, distracted, and felt unsafe.

We are grateful this was not an experience on our network as we enforce a noise-free background while logged on.  As quarantine from Covid-19 evolved, various types of workers ranging from staffed employees started working remotely too.  This was basic professionalism for any worker operating from a home office/remote location.  I was surprised to see how articles started communicating about maintaining a professional working atmosphere.  This wasn’t new information for me as this has always been a basic requirement on all Psychic Networks.

We once experienced an applicant testing from the playground of a park loaded with children screaming.  Think about it.  If the applicant didn’t demonstrate mindfulness to choose the proper atmosphere upon selecting a testing time slot, how can that applicant work independently?

Hearing a client complain about it at another company is preferred as it helps us deliver that message with clarity.  Services are always for the client.  In our industry, clients turn to us for guidance in crisis.  The need for that deeper understanding (including healing) from grief is needed.  A noisy background obstructs giving proper attention and/or providing a comfortable atmosphere to a client.

Choose your work environment carefully.  Sure, having children and pets is a bounty of joy.  Remember, we are stepping out of our lives when it comes to working, catering to clients, and carrying out a company image.  Get your house in order (literally and figuratively.)

This article is also a follow up to Tip #34. 

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