Tip 22: Warning–Direct Chargeback’s from Sweatshop Companies

Companies like Psychic Sweatshop B, offer direct payment the moment a reading comes.  There are tons of advantages.  At first, it may see alluring to receive instant payments.  After all, who likes to wait for payment!  However, it is important to know the type of crowd their clientele falls into and the risks associated with instant payments as they risk being chargeback if disputed by a client.  The penalty fees for those chargeback’s can be more expensive than the actual reading.  Companies like Sweatshop B have in their terms and conditions that they are out of the equation when it comes to chargeback’s.  It is the readers problem!

These type of companies that offer $10 deals, free minutes, and other consumer perks are major warning symbols that cannot be ignored.

Some clients on Sweatshop B will pay in increments of $20.  If they continue to fill up every couple of minutes, for each dispute they file will cost the reader penalty fees up to $20 per transaction PLUS the disputed amount(s.)  So in other words, the reader can lose more money than they earned in penalty fees alone!

In general, chargeback’s are a problem for any business or contractor.  However, this matter is even more problematic.  After all, who wants to pay more in penalty fees than actual earnings?   That is exactly the risk you place yourself in when working for that type of company.  I’ve heard of Psychics doing total of $50 in readings in 3 increments of $20, $20, and $10 to then receive $60 in penalty fees!  That is minus $10 + reversal of $50.  So not only was the Psychic’s time wasted, but also, the psychic has lost money.  Worse, the psychic would have been better off not having her/his time wasted and could have remained available for a genuine / sincere client.  It is important to know the pros/cons of working for such companies.

Also, since Sweatshop B has increased their ratio of the shady clients dodging charges, this problem is increasing and not going to see the end.  Sure there are more issues surrounding Sweatshop B which you can read about.

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On our network, our Psychics do not experience these turbulences!  Apply now for a psychic job.

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