Tip 38: Cult Psychic Lines – Beware

There is a current psychic network that is very well known who I will discuss their cult like practices with their name withheld. 

Recently, they flew a handful of their top performing psychics to their headquarters.  A few of the Psychics were flown in from Europe.  My immediate thoughts were “Why?”  After all, with all the work that goes into running daily operations, there’s enough work as-is.

Then it became clearer.  It is a clever marketing ploy.  It does have consequences. 

The trip consisted of workshops, photography for the psychics (better pictures)  video for their website, and bonding with the staff.  So far, this all sounds pretty good, right?

One of the psychics, who I will refer to as Sally, told me that workshops and follow up webinars were very “Amway” oriented.  She felt like she was selling to the clients to buy more time.  These workshops instilled that the Psychics focus on their purpose and carry it to their clients as well so that the client continue deepening that purpose frequently in order to succeed.  In other words, use their psychic line more frequently to manifest their purpose.  Though there isn’t anything corrupt with this, I have to say it does fall in a gray category making it slightly questionable. 

Those clever business tactics do seem a bit shady.  Sure, knowing one’s purpose and carrying out a mission is important.  Also, having psychic staff motivated is also wise.  However, in my opinion, it does feel a little “cultish” because it is instilling to people that without their purpose they will fail.  Some people may need to focus on the immediate goals at a specific moment in life without being able to give more attention to the bigger picture because of an array of circumstances. 

Sally had reservations taking the trip as she knew nothing in life is ever free.  Yet a free trip from Europe to the USA (she’s American living abroad) was perfect.  She squeezed time and paid out of pocket for local travel within the USA after the seminars.

My biggest concern is that clients aren’t being guided into the present matters in their lives such as present circumstances. 

Though I believe this cant be compared to corrupt practices of Miss Cleo, I do believe it is brainwashing, hence CULT.

Apply now for a psychic employment on a CULT FREE line :). 

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