Tip #52: Due Diligence Prior to Applying

After reviewing 5 websites on job interview tips, there were a few common suggestions. Though the majority of suggestions were for interview tips in mainstream employment, universal knowledge strengthens work ethic especially when it comes to due diligence.

A few consistent interview tips were about punctuality, behavior, wardrobe, body language, and personality. For a job on a Psychic Network, a phone interview/test reading will not view your wardrobe. Personality, behavior, and talent are the strongest consideration factors.

For any job, there are some appropriate things to discuss in an interview and topics to avoid.  If there are gray areas, appropriate communication style is crucial as behavior is strongly factored.   

Recently, I heard at a networking event an employer in a different field discuss an applicant that bombed out in the interview. That applicant requested due diligence answers from the interviewer during his scheduled time that was designated for a test.

The wiser option for that applicant would have been conducting investigations prior to applying. Everyone supports security is important for everyone’s safety. If personal information such as social security number is requested prior to a contract offer, sure, that seems like a red flag. Remember, everyone has a choice in proceeding forward if desired.  

If a contract is offered, congratulations.  Read it over. The contract should answer questions about the company. The tone of the contract speaks volumes about the company. If more questions about the company arise, feel free to conduct your investigations. Third-party companies specialize in investigating companies. This is common in the business world.  

Due diligence questions are handled best independently. If a company had to choose between 2 candidates, the candidate that demonstrated more prudence and the best personality would be favored.

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