Tip 5: Understanding Psychic Burnout

Psychic JobIn a Psychic job, burnout can happen.  This is a delicate topic that will ruffle a few feathers.  Burnout happens in any job.  From a Spiritual prospective, burnout comes from within.  Typically burnout occurs when the external manifestations do not match with the internal expectations.  The cure for burnout is change.  Sometimes a change in prospective is needed.

It is easy for anyone in or out of this industry working from home can become hermetic hardly leaving their residence.  The matter of balance is a necessity.  Till this date, I have never seen anyone write on this topic.

When working from your own home office, it is important to view the entire spectrum in terms of how your life is balanced.  If you do not make time for self care, getting fresh air, physical movement, it will take a toll.  Having a balanced life for any profession in integral for being able to think, innovate, and grow.

Psychic readers need to be more on top of their life mission and understand WHY they do readings.  There is not a cookie cutter answer to this.  Some Psychics do readings because it helps them exercise their metaphysical muscles, others do it because they are such naturals as they have been at it for a long time, other Psychics read because it is a job, whereas other Psychic read for any other reason.  There is no right or wrong answer.

The burnout challenge for any profession is when the worker feels stuck in his/her job.  That is a personal problem that if brought to the job can be detrimental because it impedes focus.  More than likely that will be a reason for having challenges thereafter.  Sometimes a worker in this scenario needs to understand this and take action.  Could going back to school help?  Could learning a new skill help?  Yet, this is a common issue that everyone in all professions faces. It really isn’t that different for Psychic Readers.