Tip 25: Warning Flags: Amateur Psychic Networks

Amateur Psychic Networks such as Psychic Sweatshop B, shows the management has more experience providing technical support than actual Psychic management experience.

The reason for my assertion is because of the quality of psychics that are hired and the maintaining of day to day operations.

First, the company allows Psychics to post on a posting board that both clients and fellow psychics can read.  That makes the company look amateurish.

Second, no company should ever allow its employees or contractors to have a place to “vent.”  Venting is done with personal friends and loved ones.  It is not done in or around a place of business where the clients can observe this.  Picture this, if you went to a restaurant and heard a waiter complaining to a fellow waiter about a previous patron, how would you feel?   Personally, I would be appalled and would not want to eat there again.  The company’s PR image is completely tarnished.

Third, in handling terminations, for a company to post on a bulletin board a reply from a rambunctious contractor is below the levels of business management.  Disciplinary action is done in private.  In fact, for a company to even allow a psychic to post something like that is equally appalling.

Forth, those posting boards have been venues for unprofessional psychics to abuse other psychics.   Yet another big no-no.

Finally, those posting boards are also an entry port for clients to also try to obtain free readings.  That too is a big no-no.  These on demand readings are just that – On Demand-First come first served.

Be sure to learn more about these sweatshop practices in:   Tip 9, Tip 10, Tip 11, Tip 12, Tip 13, Tip 16 , Tip 17, Tip 18 , Tip 22 Tip #24,   and Tip 26

Our network is telephone and thus does not have an online forum to allow such practices.  We are role modeled by the telephone networks pre-internet.  We layer professional standards for a healthy business upholds to.  Apply today.

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