Tip 21: Warning-Webcam Psychic Networks=Video Sex Rape!

Psychic JobsA few weeks ago I heard from a few psychics working on a video site that offers Web Cam Psychic Readings.  Disaster alert.

Though I will not mention the website URL or the company name, I can say that out of the many songs Christian Aguilera has in her catalog, she featured that website in one of her many videos.

It was brought to my attention that on that Video Psychic Network site, some men use it to get Video Sex.  They will be naked asking for a “lower chakra healing.”  Some of those clients are married, so they figure the best way to disguise the charges on the credit card bill to reflect an adult company, using a Psychic company to substitute video sex will never enter the wife’s mind.  It’s slick and deceptive.

The problem with this is more than likely that company will not discipline those naked men because they also run adult web cam websites.  Hypothetically, they could thank the naked men for their time and refer them to their adult sites instead.  Why should they discipline when they can use their business!   Worse, if they are on their adult site database, what type of action can really take?  They could lose a client on their other sites!  It’s a win-win situation for the company and the client.  However, it is not a lose-lose situation for the Psychic.

If we think about this more thoroughly, that company probably targets their entire database (including the adult site patrons) for a Psychic Reading.  Since the Psychic Reader “hosts” their “show” to all for free, the psychic is subjected to this sexual harassment.  One psychic called it “virtual rape.”  I would say she is technically accurate.  Also, I may add that it is in my opinion below professional standards.  In all my years in this industry that pre-dates the internet, this takes sleaze to an entire new level.

Fortunately on our Psychic Network, our Psychics do not experience this.  All Psychic Readings are done via the telephone.  Apply now for a psychic job on our network.

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