Tip 33: Affiliate Bookstores versus Direct Hire

Direct Hire

In the late ’90s to early 2000s, there were Telephone Psychic Networks that created “Bookstores.” Those bookstores recruited, trained, and formed contracts with the Psychic Independent Contractor. This was the primary company’s way of outsourcing staffing. It was another way of calling it by today’s terminology a staffing affiliate. The defunct Ms. Cleo company, was notorious for using “bookstores” as their turnover ratio was through the roof. At the same time, they staffed in volumes. Bookstores gave them the luxury of staffing Psychics in the hundreds and possibly thousands. 

There are many problems with bookstores. They come and go leaving. Psychic readers were left high and dry when they tried to collect compensation. Worse, since those readers had contracts with the bookstore and not directly with the leading company, there wasn’t much the primary network could do if the bookstore vanished. 

When it comes to contracting with a bookstore, be aware that information passed will likely get distorted. Similarly, when a story is passed down, the story changes. This is very similar to a “he said..she said” scenario where two or more parties on an issue have different versions of requirements. They didn’t understand the Psychic company’s policies well message was misrepresented. 

Though many of those practices have faded by calling them bookstores, they are re-emerging into what is now being called Psychic Staffing Affiliate Programs. The title is the only thing that has changed. Information still gets distorted.

The other advantage of working directly with a Psychic company is that you earn higher compensation. Think about it. An affiliate’s income is derived from Psychics pay. In turn, that lowers the Psychic’s fee.

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