Tip #53: Proper Respect To All

I heard a wonderful episode on a Podcast that made me think about this matter.  In that segment, the speaker shared her insights on how some applicants mistreat assistants.

She stated, that anyone interviewing for a position should treat everyone at the company with proper regard.  She continued with an example.  A custodian at a company was married to the owner.  The custodian loved his job because he served as an undercover spy for his wife.  She retained her maiden name and no one knew they were married.  He would share all the dirt (literally and figuratively!)

Though this example is extreme, applicants do not know the structured dynamics of a company.  That assistant may be a relative or best friend of the person in power.  In another instance, the podcast speaker, shared that an applicant spoke down to the HR assistant during the onboarding process.  The offer was rescinded.  The assistant had the authority to hire and terminate as she was the owner’s daughter. Yet, no one may know that. 

First impressions are lasting.  If that impression is tarnished with negativity or an improper tone, more than likely, it will end in its’ tracks.  Everyone wants and needs a positive and productive work environment that is free of unruly behavior.  Assistants serve as screeners to protect the company and the owner.

Though this may seem like common sense, it still happens in the employee and independent contractor world.

Our goal is to empower you with enriching tips so that you win in competitive industries including Psychic Reading employment that show respect.

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