Tip 31: Ongoing Skills Complementing Psychics

Ongoing development of a person’s journey in life is never ending.  Part of being a Psychic Reader is having great life skills and a vast knowledge of topics.  That is why our field is very niche.  A psychic reader is a reader, friend, advisor, and more.  Often, clients do not have anyone else they can lend an empathetic ear.  At the same time, that empathetic ear is filled with wisdom.

Some psychic readers have life coaching experience.  Yet, there is a formality to that topic area.  Not every Psychic is a life coach.  Certainly, not every Life Coach is Psychic. But, many successful Psychic readers have some type of coaching/counseling capacity that sets them apart from their competition.

That is why ongoing learning is imperative to any field including Psychic Readings.  Some helpful areas that help clients:

* Addiction recovery

* Mental Health

* Communicating Feeling

* Developing better coping skills

* Developing better stress management skills

* Developing better interpersonal skills

* Grief Process

* Healing Trauma

* Processing Stored/Unprocessed Grief & Hidden Anger

* Healing Childhood Wounds

*Spiritual Healing/Spiritual Understanding

*Higher Power/God

* Love / Relationship Skills

* Dealing with Difficult People

* Handling Difficult Emotions

By no means do we say you must have these in order to be successful.  However, the most successful Psychics do.  Apply today for a Psychic Reader Position.

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