Tip 24: Unfair Psychic Termination-Based on a True Story

On Psychic Sweatshop A & B clients may leave reviews for the psychic they had a reading with.  Unfortunately, sometimes client may be reacting overly emotional or emotionally out of control after being told by the Psychic that they are not going to be involved romantically with the person of their desires.  It led to a termination after 5 years of service!

That is hard news to be the recipient of.  Yet, the truth be told – did they want honesty or did they want to have their fantasy condoned?  So then the scathing review comes in.  That can damage the Psychic’s reputation.

Worse, when companies do not have better policies in place regarding reviews, it certifies just how amateurish they truly are.

In such instance, Psychic Sweatshop B had a 19 year old emotional client obtained the first 3 minutes free.  She then paid for a 70 second reading.  She was told that the specific man she was having challenges with will not be pursuing her and that her she will be meeting someone new.

That client paid less than $5.00 for those 70 seconds left the ugliest and untrue comment in the Psychic’s review.  The Psychic worked for Sweatshop B for over 5 years and had over 99% positive reviews.  5 years is a long time in this industry.  Sweatshop B will not remove ratings at all.  Instead, they encourage contacting the client and working it out.  Yet they contradict themselves when that communication is encouraged.

The Psychic contacted the client and stated it was defamatory and even found her address and showed it.  He went on and kept it professional.  However it sent a chill down that client’s spine.  Sadly, that Psychic was fired because the 19 year old client was threatening legal action.

Now, technically speaking, a crime wasn’t committed.  The client would have become the laughing stock of whatever boon dock Police station dock town she resided.

Surely, his “crime” did not justify the punishment.  First, 70 seconds is not adequate for any psychic to be rated.  Secondly, a company should not encourage a psychic t contact and the client and then contradict themselves.  Psychics are not customer service experts nor are they required to.  They are only required to perform Psychic Readings.

Psychic Sweatshop B stated that it “implied” threats.  Yet “imply” is not a crime until the crime is actually done!

In my opinion, Sweatshop B is burned out and the management just doesn’t know how to handle working with Psychics and/or clients.

If I were a judge in a courtroom, my ruling would be as follows:  All parties were guilty- case dismissed!  I believe it would have been sufficient for the Psychic to have received a slap on the wrist, however not a termination.  I believe Sweatshop B owed the Psychic a clear explanation and direction on how to handle such a situation better so it would not repeat.  After after 5 years of service, it was owed to the him especially have a flawless track record.  Any employer and/or would want to make improvements by learning at mistakes.  Too, it is also room for the poorly run company to make changes.  A reading less than 5 minutes should not qualify for a rating.  Some psychics don’t really start to dig for depth until they permeate levels in their work.  I also believe the client should have gotten a firm warning for posting a deceitful review.  All parties were wrong and needed to learn from it.

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On our network, this type of BS doesn’t happen.  Apply now.  In fact, on our network everything is handled on a case by case basis.  If a Psychic has been on board for 5 years that is heavily considered as the history with other clients is considered.  We are a fair company.

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