Tip # 51: Dropped Call Interview Tips

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At a networking round table discussion, a participant shared a topic of interest regarding conducting telephone interviews with applicants who had difficult telephone connections.  Hopefully, her points will help assist prospects by providing solid Interview Tips.

An important quality she looks for in applicants is respect for the interview process.  Respecting the process equals respecting clients.

According to her, during an interview, an applicant’s telephone dropped out 4 times.  Though the test portion was satisfactory, the applicant was not hired because an unstable telephone would become a problem for clients.  After all, an interview is prioritized.  A client takes top priority too.  The participant said, “If her call drops while she’s undergoing an evaluation, can you imagine how irritated a client becomes when paying for the call?”

According to the participant, the interview process is more sacred than walking into an operating room. It is treated with the utmost regard and seeing that reciprocated is contributing factor to the success of being hired.

Most employers envision how a client would respond to the skill and service quality.  Telephones that sound submerged under a bathtub, inaudible, and crackling sounds make it impossible to understand the conversation.  The caller is subjected to spending much time asking to repeat.

At an in-person interview or video interview, one would dress accordingly and go out of their way to demonstrate the proper treatment for the process.  Via telephone, one does not have to go out of the way to dress up, yet, the quality and clarity of the call are crucial in a communications business.

After the 4th disconnect, the participant stated she went on to the following applicant.  Choose your equipment wisely for an interview. 

Also, background noise such as barking dogs, screaming children, crying infants, and televisions are distracting.  Clients subjected to such noises complain.  The company appears amateur.  Many companies factor in background sounds. 

I recall once an applicant stated, “I have my baby in the background because the babysitter canceled.” 

Waivers are not granted.   Working remotely basic standards are expected.

This includes background sounds and the quality of a telephone line.

We’ve heard stories of applicants conducting an interview while driving.  99.99% weren’t hired.  Make it a priority so that you are prioritized.  To apply for a Psychic job on our network click here.