Tip #43: Volatile Industries Jobs


The Psychic Reading industry is volatile.  There are never any guarantees because it is an independent contractor venture whereby Psychics can work from the comfort of home and have additional income generating streams.

All Psychic Networks have one common theme for all psychics:  competition.  It is important to have activities that keep a psychic reader busy during their idle time (non-reading time) in efforts to prevent burnout.

Some readers supplement their income with outside endeavors.  Other readers have more opportunities around them so they fill their time wisely.

Being an independent contractor is similar to being a business owner.  One needs to time manage and balance time accordingly to make it successful.

Some readers can work and do super well because they are either lucky.  Sometimes, they are awesome readers and it’s fated.  I have seen readers that were just ok and did better than more talented psychics.  It happens!  Perhaps it’s a matter of luck.  This is no different from other professions in the traditional working world. 

The most practical way to succeed in this industry is by understanding the nature of our profession especially since it’s competitive. 

Finally, one cannot allow the fate of the outside world to influence their capacity to work.  Worldly events will always happen.  Stock markets will fluctuate.  Worldly events such as 9/11, economical downturn 2018, COVID-19, etc. will always happen.  Some industries thrive during those periods. 

The most important thing a reader needs to act on is sharpening up their skills, be on top of their game, continue adding more skills to their talents so they can diversify themselves, follow procedures, and know the market.  Apply now for a Psychic Job.

Jobs for Psychic Readers, Tarot Card Readers, and all types of divination readers.

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