Tip 4: Psychic Line Work – Staying Logged on while Sleeping

Psychic Line Work
Hiring Psychics that fall asleep on the jobjob psychic no sleeping on dutyHiring Psychics that fall asleep on the job

In any employment, especially Psychic Employment, falling asleep on the job can be immediate grounds for dismissal. When working on a Psychic Network as a reader, it is vital to understand and comply with the company’s policy regarding this matter.

The company cannot see the advisor working from the comfort of his/her home office. The company invests trust in the Psychic.

Being logged on while asleep, napping; dozing can be a significant problem. First, the coherency of the advisor will not be fully present or engaged with the client. The Psychic being able to connect with the client fully will be below standard and thus result in an unhappy client. However, the Network will notice that.

A Network spends money on advertising. The competition is stiff for Networks. When a Network notices that the client does not call back or complains, they may either get feedback from the client or pull up a recording. When a Psychic works on a Network, they “invisibly” represent the Network. In other words, the client will interpret that the Psychic that took the call demonstrates just how well the Network is. Networks realize this and take that to heart.

When a Psychic violate any contractual clause, it immediately casts that psychic as untrustworthy. Again, since a Network has limited engagement with the Psychic as it is not a face to face relationship, it will chip away faith in that Psychic.

This is a hot topic on many Networks that have become an industry norm. Some Networks will say that it’s apparent that it should not need explaining. Technically they are accurate in that assertion.

We live in a world of multi-tasking. Surely being logged on as Psychic from the comfort of one’s home is an advantage. However, selecting what you are multi-tasking is just as crucial because sleeping is not a multi-tasking chore

Hiring psychics that fall asleep while logged impacts the companies image and productivity which will result in termination.

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