Tip 7: Independent Contractor Pros/Cons

Psychic Job

Being an independent contractor has many advantages.

First, you are able to have freedom to set your schedule.

Second, by law, you are allowed to have more income generating employment in and/or out of the given industry.

Third (applicable more for Psychic Reader Jobs) work from the comfort of your own home.

Issues arise when a Psychic reader doesn’t understand the venue they are working in.  In other words, they do not understand the type of industry they are working in.

This industry caters to clients.  Depending on the type of network, some network’s have clients choose who they want to have a reading with.  So the client chooses the Psychic.  The issue with this is that there is no guarantee that the psychic will have a reading.  That can be problematic to a Psychic that doesn’t have realistic expectations.

If one desires stability, then it would be more realistic to find a steady 9-5 job as an employee.  In a scenario such as that, they are limited to exclusivity and a rigidly controlled schedule. 

Researching a market and industry is crucial to reap benefits.  That is universal for any job, industry, etc.. Some Psychics start this profession thinking they are going to be overnight sensations.  It is important to have a realistic understanding of any market when entering that professional attempt.  It is a business and needs to be treated as such. 

If competition is a key part, then it’s important to understand that and cultivate other talents, skills, and opportunities.  Artists, writers, directors, actors, hair stylists, lawyers, doctors, all have competition.  This is no different for a Psychic.  All business models have competition with each other.