Tip 37: Surviving Psychic Line Employment

Psychics hiring  suriving the hotlines

Staring out with Psychic employment on a Psychic network is a journey that requires time, ongoing growth, and dedication. The best readers that can make a living doing what they love have paid their dues. They put in the time to survive. 

So Psychic Network veterans have experienced the industry before internet days. Remember those 1-900 days or Dionne Warwick infomercials? Those on-air spots are on Youtube and sometimes funny to watch the women with notable earnings, shoulder pads, and teased hair.

This topic is an elaborate one. I can’t give it the justice it deserves with the limits of the size to fill, so this may continue into a sequel.

Below are some very general ideas

  • Hold down more than one income stream: You need to pay rent and eat. Some readers are able to make a living at this. It can be a matter of luck, destiny, or time. I now readers that have been in this industry for close to 30 years. It took them more than a decade for them to deepen their talents in such a way that they are now always busy. They also had to endure periods of idleness. They worked hard for it and never stopped growing along the way. 

Since this is an independent contractor position, it is prudent to know how to navigate through the world of independence.

  • Continue learning: The more you grow as a person, the more you have to offer as a reader. Many valuable skills can help a reader, such as another language, coaching skills, conflict resolution, and people skills. This is a never-ending journey. This also includes honing your craft as a reader. If you never read anything other than the Tarot, how about learning something new? 
  • Exercise your intuition. Readings do not begin the moment the telephone rings. In everyday life, the material on the news, and interactions with people around you read into those situations. Like going to the gym, exercising the repetition of muscle groups make those muscles grow. For example, in the news recently, there was a 26-year-old serial killer that a reader learned about. She read into it and was fascinated by it that she created her case file and has followed it every step of the way. It was a hobby, exercise, and above all reference point to her growth. 
  • Develop business skills. Knowing how to work with a company is essential to being able to sustain a contract and maintain clients. This also requires knowing how to interact with others healthily and prosper. 
  • Know your strengths and limits. Some readers specialize in channeling those that have crossed over, but forecasting is not their forte. Then some readers specialize in finding missing people and missing objects; however, they cannot do timing. Then some readers are excellent in timing; however, missing people/objects is not their specialty. 

It is essential to know what you cannot do and be honest with yourself and others about it. Continue specializing in the thing you are good at so that you can genuinely rock like a champ!! Apply now for a Psychic job on our Network.

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