Tip #41: Work Dedicated Phone Line

Work Dedicated Phone Line

Many Psychic networks have very specific requirements for Psychics when it comes to working on their lines.  In earlier days such as the early 1990s, the system phone (dedicated phone line for readings) must have been free from call features, answering machines, and could not be a cordless phone.   

As technology advanced, many networks loosed their policies and waived features such as call waiting on Psychic’s dedicated telephone line.  However, cell phones were forbidden.

Since we are living in a time where landlines are on the brink of extinction, many networks have revamped their technology again to permit cell phones for the system number.  However, some networks continue to forbid using a cell phone as a dedicated phone line.

There is an important issue to factor in: The Psychic is responsible when logged on to be attentive as this market is an on-demand service.  Clients call to get a reading right there and then.  If they aren’t served, it is wasted telecom costs in dialing out the Psychic, the client becomes frustrated, the Network looks poorly, and more.  Miss a call while logged on, the contract can be revoked. 

It is imperative to factor in that Psychic Networks are very selective in their staffing.  Psychic talent is not the only important ingredient for maintaining a position.  Professional workmanship is required.  Competition is very strong and there’s always another Psychic reader that is more than willing to do the job and do it well to make the Network shine.

Recently, it came to my attention that on a Network in the market, a Psychic attempted to use a Google Voice phone number for her system phone number.  However, the contract made it clear that Psychic contractors must have 2 telephones, not 2 different phone numbers.  Google voice isn’t a telephone.  Rather, it is an additional phone number that forwards to a telephone.  Hence, it is not a phone line.

When the time came for her telephone orientation, she lost her contract on the spot due to the failure of compliance.  The contract was more than likely clear cut in defining the importance of no missed calls, etc.  Surely, from a business point of view, it needs others to respect the value of their time.   With over 200+ Psychic advisors, the last thing any network wants to do is micro-manage its’ staff as it leads to an uncomfortable environment for all parties.

Compliance with a contract is crucial to remain staffed:  it creates and maintains opportunity.

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