Tip 16: Know How To Detect Bad Psychic Network- SWEATSHOPS!

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This article is going to ruffle a few feathers. Aside from the Ms. Cleo scandal of the early 2000s, there is another area that needs scrutiny.  

Just like a Psychic can hide behind an alias, so can a Psychic Network, primarily online. In previous articles, I referred to a Signup advisor portal as Psychic Sweatshops!

Sweatshop’s lack of administration, management, and knowledge on how to run a Psychic network. Worse, they lack the knowledge of how to maintain staff. Without sounding overly critical or judgmental, please understand there is science, data, and above all information, on how to run a good business and maintain healthy relationships. Hence, there are business classes in undergraduate programs and graduate programs, as well. Many of these Sweatshops lack managerial skills.

I have seen firsthand the dysfunctional behavior practiced by those networks. The reasons stem from the original intention behind the owners upon creation. Worse, if it swapped owner hands through the years, there are more complications.

There is a difference between an entrepreneur and company launching a Psychic Network to offer quality readings VERSUS entrepreneur or company beginning a website to make money. The prior has a mission of delivering quality to clients and Psychics. Whereas the latter uses an online platform anonymously to hide their lack of experience and treat staff as numbers, not humans.

One of the problematic hardships I have seen with Sweatshops is refunding a client for any reason without checking for the quality of the reading, even if the client received free minutes prior and continued to proceed with the reading. Another hardship performed by Sweatshops allows all clients to do a billing an “IOU” whereby the reader doesn’t get paid until the client settles his / her bill. That could take years or never occur at all. I could understand if a reader allowed that type of clientele prior. However, when multiple readers complain about not being paid, and not much is done about it, then there is a problem. This is also an issue, especially if the sweatshop innovates other areas of their platform.

Surely I can go on regarding overseas operations being the riskiest and the fastest ones to fold up.

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Fortunately, our network does NOT practice any of the above. Our administrators are educated University graduates that manage the network with professionalism as a healthy organization. Apply today for a Psychic position.

We are one of the few Psychic lines hiring that does not have a sweatshop operation.

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