Tip #49: Management Turnover

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It has come to our attention that once again, the Psychic management in what we refer to as “Sweatshop A” (sweatshopa) has experienced a turnover in their management again. Hence, the management turnover saga continues!

We accurately timed it as we have seen a pattern of management turnover at that company every 2-3 years.  The reason for this turnover is due to their uncharged procedures.  In their 20 years of operations, they have not been able to retain any of their managers.

Those managers are in a predicament.  They need to interact with upset and burned-out Psychics that have lost the desire to render services on that platform due to clients refusing payment or disputed charges deducted from their earnings.

Sweatshopa allows clients to deposit only $1 for a reading.  The rest of the bill goes into collection.  If the card on file doesn’t have enough funds, that bill goes into “uncharged”.  Clients on that platform rarely pay their outstanding balance.  Instead, they turn around and form a new account. 

The managers enable the President’s questionable practices.  More than likely, their guilt awakens. 

Last summer, that platform ran a contest for the Psychics where the winner received a free brand name tablet.

Many complained that those dollars spent would serve better in upgrading the platform to prevent the loss of revenue from uncharged earnings and poor security, especially during the pandemic.

The pressure to respond to each Psychic advisor complaining about losing money is soul-crushing.

However, to copy/paste the same response each time to every Psychic leads to a re-evaluation of consciousness, integrity, and dignity.

On our network, we exercise healthy standards and do not have any type of practices that sweatshopa exercises.  Our network’s management team has been consistent for 20 years.  For consideration in a Psychic reader position, click here.

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