Tip #48: Time is Sacred-Time Management

While waiting at a hair salon waiting, I heard one of the stylists in a heated telephone call to a client that flaked out on her.  The stylist was distressed as 2 hours of her time was reserved for this client.  She said to that client, “time is money, money is time.”  To this day, this statement has been glued to me when it comes to Time Management.

Any service industry or business where time is allocated for a client, vendor, or worker needs consideration.

For an on-demand service like us, every day is a new experience.  I have seen Psychic contractors have difficulties fulfilling paperwork.  Usually, it is an indication of not fully reading the paperwork thoroughly resulting in re-submission.  However, the one that sticks out was an applicant that needed to resubmit the paperwork 8 times.  Later, when she was embarking on the onboarding process, it too became time-consuming.  It was beyond draining to the point, she was canceled. 

On the flip side, I’ve heard of workers changing their minds, or perhaps they didn’t understand how their circumstances would be appropriate for embarking on a new/different opportunity that in turn, they wound up having to also cancel.

All that time invested is a waste for all parties.  Again, “Time is money, money is time!”  Whether that time could have been allocated to another endeavor, an imaginary rewind button is created by moving forward to conserve future loss. For example, the above example of 8 submissions would never get past a 2nd submission by today’s standards.  Yet, everyone is fairly alerted that moving forward following directions is part of the hiring process as it’s been incorporated in the company policy.

In my opinion, this is universally applicable in all industries.  Company’s review all behavior from the skills and workmanship.  Often workmanship may be below skills; however, it’s not sufficient for hiring.

An extensive onboarding process requires an investment of time.  When time is wasted it results in conservation in future investments.

There aren’t too many articles on this topic as it’s a quiet topic never discussed.  Keep this in mind when having any communication with any company in any industry.  In today’s culture, multi-tasking is required as the staff is left doing the job of 2-3 people. 

At a networking event, I heard a speaker share that once he was training a new staff member that was extremely slow-moving.  That slow person said, “Can you hold on while I do this? “ The trainer said, “I’ll get back to you as I’m doing the work of 4 people.”  Bear in mind, when staffing departments are undergoing a hiring process, they will factor in what it will be like working with the specific applicant daily.  Behavior that is on-point is more likely to win.

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