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There are a few Psychic Networks that perform questionable practices. I am a bit surprised and yet amused when I heard about Sweatshopa testing their Psychics by giving them a multiple-choice test on Tarot, Dream Interpretation, English, the actual website, and other silly things.

Even if an advisor were part of their mass numbers for two decades, they had to undergo that testing implementation.

That alone was a major red flag that management doesn’t have a clue as to how to run a Psychic Network.

The only way to truly test a Psychic is by actually checking the Psychic. Conduct a reading one on one! Simple. The more logical way to evaluate the Psychic, especially if the Psychic has been part of the team for decades, is to go through logs or call recordings. This isn’t rocket science.

There is one specific company whose name I am refraining from stating on here. I have referred to them several times as Sweatshopa because of 2 reasons: They are a Psychic sweatshop, not a professional establishment.

Worse, they charge their advisors a fee for “joining” their sweatshop. There are so many shady practices. I can apply my knowledge and experience in this industry by starting their days are numbered. I have seen many networks come and go in this lifetime. I’ve seen networks GO more than launch.

It takes time, experience, business acumen, people skills, education, marketing, and human resources, knowing about Psychic phenomena, and more to run a proper psychic network.

The other sign to watch is sweatshops that have way too many Psychics. The reason that is a warning flag is that the Psychics are just bodies/numbers like extra’s in a baseball field. The issue with this is that management doesn’t know how to interact with human beings in such masses. Their stress level is pretty high as they are handling different personalities.

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We are a boutique network operating with integrity and healthy business practices. To be considered for a position, click here to apply for a psychic position.

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