Tip #50: 22 Universal Job Tips

Job Tips

I was fascinated with a recent virtual round table discussion with other company heads. Many different industries hire contractors and/or assignment-based employees. Below, are 22 valuable universal tips for independent contractors.
I appreciate the buffet-like tips that exercise great Job Tips.

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1) Your first impression is lasting. That’s how you will be remembered.

2) How you demonstrate following instructions will be remembered.

3) Be on time.

4) Show you are easy to work with.

5) Preparation is key.

6) Treat this as if you were entering an operating room; it is a sterilized sacred space.

7) The heads of the company are allocating time to give you an opportunity. Please respect it.

8) They want you to win because they want to win too.

9) The beginning of any relationship is always the best. It’s later that people get complacent.

10) Those that require too much handholding in the beginning rarely last.

11) If they can’t follow directions, it’s not a good fit.

12) Knowing time management as a contractor is a learned skill.

13) Multi-tasking is highly recommended when working gigs.

14) Understand the ins and outs of an industry.

15) Keeping studying.

16) Thick skin is required to handle any business.

17) Keep in mind why you do this.

18) If you work as a contractor, that means you have the right to other work as well.

19) The more niche the industry, the more you need to adapt.

20) Regard the company’s time as they are usually understaffed and overloaded with work.

21) If you are working from home, please treat this as a job as it’s not a hobby or side hustle for the company.

22) Exercise proper etiquette in a business email (length, tone, etc..)

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