Tip 3: Psychic Employment More Skills door opener.

Psychic Employment
Hiring Psychics – A Door Opener

In any job having a particular skill puts you ahead of the competition. Whether it is corporate, artistic, or a Psychic Employment job, being able to “diversify” your skills will bring you more clients and success.

For example, a good friend of mine is bi-lingual in Spanish. That has always been a door opener for in all his jobs (corporate and noncorporate). Even if a company is not looking for bi-lingual in Spanish, having to select among candidates, the one that will usually shine thru is the one that offers something different. Most certainly, luck is a huge factor too. Having an extra edge over another applicant in a competitive job force puts you ahead of anyone else will open more doors for you.

Psychics benefit from learning more tools. For example, there is a Psychic that never thought of learning anything on the I-Ching. She was drawn to it personally and started to incorporate it into her readings. That brought more clients. Another broadened her range by learning Palmistry. 

Additional language skills are always one of the best things you can invest in. I once saw a Psychic with exceptional language skills such as bi-lingual in Dutch. She is the only one I’ve ever seen with that skill. I know another Psychic that was bilingual in Russian. Surely Bi-lingual in Spanish will be more in demand. However, think about it. Depending on where you reside, how many people are bilingual in languages such as Dutch or Russian? Having that particular niche language skill is major, especially if a network has readers that are bi-lingual in Spanish. However, please, never state you are bilingual in a language if you only know a few words. If you are tested in that language, it will not make the best impression. Even if you are not tested, should you get a client that speaks that a language, a complaint can be filed. It’s better to state “beginner level” or “learning” rather than “some” when it comes to languages.

Hiring Psychics is easy.  However, hiring the best, makes a business look special.

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