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Psychic Line Jobs

On another blog, I read an entry that stirred some ideas.  According to the human resource author, she interviews sales representative candidates over the telephone daily. She delved into many exciting topics, such as being on time for the phone interview and more.

When she telephones the applicant for the appointment, she makes a mental note when she hears from the candidate, ” Oh my gosh, I completely forgot. That’s ok, let’s do it now.”  Words may help, but behavior defines character.  Themes around responsibility, reliability, and above all, seriousness were highlighted.

Though she never used it exclusively as a determining factor, she had used it when the need to choose between another candidate that was “on it” as she said.

I support her on that.  I believe in any field where there isn’t face-to-face interaction, the company invests trust in the contractor.

In the entertainment industry, it is typical entertainers go in and do their thing and leave the session immediately, so that prospective employer doesn’t change their mind! The same concept applies here.

Get a datebook or prompting device that alerts you when you have an appointment. Review it the day before so you can be prepared so you won’t be off guard.

Every company has a fair share of no-shows for appointments. It happens to us too. Like other companies, we keep a note of it and redress it if a meeting is rescheduled. Competition is always stiff for applicants, networks, and industries.  There is someone that can outshine each other in talent or character. Be on it!  Put your best foot forward.  It will be noticed and appreciated. Apply now for a Psychic job position

Hiring Psychic Lines that are actually good to work on.

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