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Psychic Employment Tips

Some companies, such as Psychic Sweatshop A and Psychic Sweatshop B, offer clients the first 3 minutes free. Sweatshop B offers 3 minutes all the time to all clients regardless if they are repeat clients or new clients. Free minutes are a good incentive for clients. However, it should not be a requirement for the Psychic.

This freebie fiasco imposes a massive problem for the Psychic. See, any client/user can initiate a session with a Psychic and not even have funds to cover the reading. Some clients try to obtain freebies. I’ve heard from Psychics being told: “I don’t have money to pay you- can you give me a deal?” Honestly, would a person that only has $10 to their name have the intention of shopping on Rodeo drive for a Jaguar? Really???

The problem with this is that the nature of our industry is “On Demand.” That means a Psychic’s availability is placed in frozen status to speak to that “Lookie Lou.” Thus, it prevents the psychic from speaking to a genuine or better client. Remember, this is all first come first served.

Real problems arise when a company does not first verify a client’s credit card for funds being available. If the client doesn’t have enough money, then technically they should come back when they do. So, in turn, the psychic may be waiting for a hire button to pressed and never have a real session doesn’t have enough funds to cover. Time is money – money is time!

New psychics on Sweatshop B have the worst time when they start slaving for that company. One Psychic confided with me. She told me that her first 18 sessions in a 1 (one) week period were all from clients trying to get something for free. That is a lot of wasted time and frustration for the Psychic. In my opinion, it makes the company look horrid. Deceitful clients figure that since a Psychic may be new, they do not know how to work. Some Lookie Lou’s will try that because that’s all they do – they look but don’t buy. They try to hog everything and anything for free.

Astronet was a company that was forced to close down in 2001, used AOL as an interface. The sysops/system managers for their free chats 11 years later received $1800 in Class Action money. Just know that when a company forces psychic readers to do free minutes, they are digging their graves eventually.

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