Tip 17: Part 2 – Know How To Detect a Bad Psychic Network- Sweatshop!

I was tempted to title this post as how to “Spot A Bad Manager.”  However, it got me thinking. The true root stems from the management is the actual Network.  So technically I decided to continue with a Part 2 in How to Detect a Bad Psychic Network.

A bad psychic network usually staffs the cheapest managers with little experience in managing.  See, according to a business 101 class I had in undergrad, management is defined as the process of motivating, organizing, and directing others to achieve organizational goals.

The issue at hand is that most managers at Psychic Networks don’t have any education past High School. Though there is nothing wrong with that, using effective managerial tools requires and education, skills, and hopefully, experience.  It also requires common sense and above all, it requires empathy.

However, I have seen professionals with MBA’s also bomb out in operating a Psychic Network.  For example, in the late 90’s there was a company called Astronet.  They had so many illegal practices they were being sued left and right.  Eventually they shut down.

In turn, they violated many aspects that an intelligent and healthy business wouldn’t.  Yet the biggest issue was that they disguised independent contractors as employees by not allowing them to contract elsewhere.  That is a major no-no.  I’m familiar with a business outside of this industry that was audited by an agency.  Sometimes a Psychic Network that is guilty of practices will shut down immediately or move overseas.

Yet a more recent example of bad management is when a client files a complaint in terms of reading quality and customer service is more concerned about having the client come back.  The proper way to handle a complaint is a balancing act.  We believe the log of the recording should be inspected.  Surely some consumers will try to dodge charges.  Yet a reader should not have those monies deducted.

One network in particular, Sweatshopa,  has many questionable practices:  charging for payroll, payroll performed once a month (after the first), allowing “IOU” billing, refunds a client for any reason, forces the readers to give 3 free minutes, and the list goes on.  However they staff management that handle psychics with very little experience and it shows!

Handling staffing requires not only an education, but also people skills.  Handling psychics is a different science.  It requires knowledge of this industry.

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On our network, our managers are experienced. We exercise appropriate behavior that other networks don’t.  Apply today for a test.