Tip #45: Employment Secrets All Companies Know

Employment Secrets

Every company knows that burnout occurs in every profession and industry.  Recruiters are familiar with behavioral responses.  Also, the goals of an applicant demonstrate just how to motivate him/she will be to excel in the position.

In all industries and positions, some workers may burnout.  They may believe that they cannot do anything else and continue in their career because their options are limited.  That narrow goal is interpreted as limited ambition which in turn will demonstrate carelessness for rendering quality for the position and sometimes not complies with company procedure.

For example, I once witnessed waiting in a dental office another patient attempt opening a door that had over 4 signs that stated clear “use left door / do not open this door.”  It was so obvious.  However, in her zombie-like state, she was not present to follow instructions.  She also demonstrated a lack of concern which can be interpreted as a lack of regard for another’s boundaries and needs.

That zombie-like quality shines through in the work quality clients receive.  The zombie may be a good worker and highly skilled.  Yet, Zombie had personal matters impacting work quality.  Clients will notice and file a complaint.  Though I’m sure there was more to the back story behind zombie patient, many recruiters see it in applicants. 

Management is the process of motivating subordinates to achieve organizational goals.  This would not be possible with a Zombie.  With a high sensitivity to client complaints, Managers are vigilant to reduce dissatisfaction.  This trickles down like a domino effect. 

There are many resources for revival after burnout.  Though that is beyond our scope, how would a Psychic reader on a network that may be burned-out help a burned out client when they are stuck in it themselves?  My simple answer is to continue learning and growing as professionally and personally.   Yet, that does not scratch the surface as that is a very rich topic. 

Be true to yourself.  Pace yourself.  Otherwise, like the dental office Zombie, recruiters will pick up on that.  Apply for a Psychic position on our network.

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