Tip 15: Know the History of Psychic Networks

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Psychic Telephone Networks

There isn’t a book written on the ins and outs of Psychic Networks. Understanding the lineage of a business model for any worker helps them know how it functions.

For starters, Psychic Networks came into the horizons in the mid-’80s. They were all 1-900 numbers. 1-900 was structured by the caller being billed directly to his/her phone bill. This model obtained from the adult entertainment lines where “actresses” would perform phone sex. Those owners used any concept that could bill by the minute. Hence, Psychic Readings became available on-demand by telephone. Many of the terms from “back in the day” were defined. Hold time, call time, and call priority identified how much time the advisor (operator) could “keep the caller on the phone.” That term makes me chuckle. Think about it. It is not like the advisor has a weapon that will come out of the earpiece of the caller to sustain them. Quality and experience know how to conduct a reading whereby the reader is interested and talented enough.

Anyhow, 800 phone lines were born and became more elite. 800 phone lines callers would bill by their credit card.

For the majority of the industry, once 800 lines came into place, that was when the vast amount of Psychic Networks started to come in.

When I compare and contrast some of the pro’s and cons to pre-internet days, I have to agree that the majority of telephone only networks had better management and better Psychics that were thoroughly screened before the internet. Why? Simple, communication was handled by the phone. We at PsychicLink.org do keep this intact in our screening and management process. All Psychics are telephoned for a live telephone reading. Apply for a Psychic position.

Hiring Psychics has its’ traditions through the years.