Tip 8: Working From Home While Under Influence

Psychic JobWorking over the years in an HR Department for a Psychic Network  a few interesting scenarios have come up.

The one demographic that has difficulty finding employment are handicapped and/or individuals with a physical or mental health issue. Such individuals that have psychic talents may find some form of opportunity for employment if they are skillful. After all, there is no commute time, driving, and/or scheduling issue.

However, there is an issue that needs to be clarified.  If heavy medications impair job performance, it is a losing uphill battle to all parties:  (client, network, contractor, etc.)

I have heard of a few instances where a Psychic contractor was taking medication and could not hear the telephone ring.  Those missed calls led to her termination.  I have also heard of a Psychic that was logged on and was clearly on cloud 9 from the medication.

This is no different to drinking on a job.  Granted, the main difference is that a prescription is given. However, the ability to function properly is the same. One can’t function properly.

A big tip I can offer is the following:  If medication side effects would impair one from operating a vehicle or staying alert to go to an in person job, then clearly a work from home position deserves the same consideration.  A company places their neck on the lines by investing trust in a contractor.

Simple instructions such as how to answer the telephone, hearing a telephone ring, and take note of the call, etc. are vital to stay employed on a Psychic Telephone Network.  However,  if something so basic cannot be followed, the contractor should take a self inventory (evaluation of consciousness) whether he/she is hire-able for any employment.

The best suggestion I can share is schedule login time around medications and speaking to the doctor.  Clear cognitive behavior is needed even if there is no commuting and/or driving.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there have been wheelchair bound psychics that have done outstanding work.   In fact, I have heard of some of the best psychics contractors that have this limitation have done exceedingly well because they give it their all. They understand their limitation and use it to give it their all.  Apply now for psychic job.