Tip 36: Why our industry hires Independent Contractors

Psychic Jobs

99.9% of all Psychic job positions are Independent Contractor positions.  The reason for this is because the nature or the industry fluctuates.  If employees where utilized, it would require making sure the reader would be on back to back phone calls without a gap of time as the time being paid would need to be a profit margin for the company. 

Also, it would require having the employee work at a call center as any employer would have to control every call, schedule, and work quality.

I have heard of call center companies that hired “experts” as psychics, however, they also worked the adult lines.  So if a psychic line call was idle, they would proceed to an adult line telephone call. 

PsychicLink only specializes in psychic work. 

Psychics are independent contractors because this industry does not have a guarantee in call volume.  It also makes practical business sense as readers can have other income generating opportunities to supplement their needs.

Major conflicts arise when networks tell readers they must be exclusive.  This was a huge issue for a former 1990’s company, Astronet.  This was one of many legal disasters that resulted in them pulling the plug to their operations.  They were one of the first internet networks that were featured on AOL.  The irony was that their Independent Contractors Readers Agreement stated that the agreement was exclusive.  That right there demonstrated ignorance.

Other companies covertly acted in a manner that would dictate readers could not pursue other opportunities in or out of this industry.  That is a big no-no. 

PsychicLink is very transparent about Independent Contractor rights.  We are one of the very few companies that support and recommend readers to multiple professional opportunities.

Other differences between independent contractors versus employees are companies do not provide equipment (telephone, computer, and reading tools.)  Any company that sends equipment to a worker can easily be deemed as employer. 

The major difference between employees versus independent contractor is taxes withheld by the employer from the employee’s compensation.   Whereas, in an independent contractor position, the contractor is responsible for his/her own taxes; the company instead uses payroll as a business expense. 

The only scenario I have ever heard of a network paying hourly wages to Psychics was when the company had the worker taking all sorts of different phone calls (psychic, sex, party line, customer service, and more.)  I have never seen a network pay Psychics out as an employee for just Psychic readings and idle time. 

A major red flag alert should be raised when a Psychic Network tells their readers that they are not allowed to have other employment.

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