Tip 35: Universal Employment Qualities

Recently, I was at a birthday party and met a few people from different industries.  I heard a lady speak about her company which was completely different than a psychic network.

She shared how her employment candidates were challenging in the past.  The company re-defined its’ standards by focusing more on candidates that could take direction, appear easy going, and had skill in their profession.  I noticed she placed the skill in the profession for last. 

She then explained that new hires that demonstrate ease were more sought to work with because day to day work routines can get hectic and the last thing that was needed was an additional headache.  The company found better success in hiring less people because it resulted in being better individuals to work with. 

I can detail the “ease in working with” as: following procedures (contract), knowing the contract inside and out, not requiring reminders (work independently), know the industry, and have realistic expectations.

I enjoyed hearing her experience.  Clearly these 3 items demonstrate how important it is to main a level an equal balance of workmanship and skill.  In fact, I can add my own spin on this.  Making part of the job to be easy to work with and take direction is just as important. 

All competitive industries have eager applicants.  What makes an applicant or contractor outshine another is the ease factor.  Why?  It’s simple – upper management is always juggling many situations at once and they all are time sensitive.  The last thing they need is to micro-manage their staff.  There’s just not enough time on a clock to do so.  

Too, I have seen employers complain that those that required micro-management were the first to be eliminated. 

I like hearing about other industries and address how those experiences are universal in all industries, especially ours.   Apply now for a psychic reader position.