Tip 27 : Show your easy to work with=success!

Just about every business regardless of industry has ups and downs. Sometimes the business deals with unruly clients, unstable technology, and other complications. At the end of the day, the stress levels for management can be challenging.

One of the biggest tips that can help you succeed more in any industry is being easy to work with. It is not some fluffy notion. Instead, it is a very tangible quality.

a) Be ahead of the practices. This means know operation procedures to a T! If there is a contract and/or manual, study it several times. No one likes to have to repeat themselves. It takes time away from having to handle more pressing matters. Believe me, there is always something pressing that requires the most time. It could be a difficult client or at technical issue. However having a staff member ask “When is payday?” when it is clearly in a contract, is redundant.

Let someone else do that! You will outshine them. It works all the time. This works hand in hand with following directions. This will put you steps ahead of everyone. Moreover, it makes you likeable super fast. In fact, refer back to the prior

b) Have ambition. Think about it. Those that are eager operate with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm attracts likeability. Ever notice how some business always hire inexperienced, fresh out of school graduates? Why? The newcomers are eager, enthusiastic, and willing to work for less pay just to accumulate experience. On the flip side, those with more experience may be burned out. Many business owners want to make the most money, so they want to hire the cheapest labor. I have seen this even in a dental office. If you show enthusiasm, you will demonstrate you can take charge. Ambition is contagious and positive. Who wouldn’t want to be around that?

c) Think before you ask. Those that can figure things out show intelligence. In fact, many things aren’t rocket science. Workers that can process information or try to make sense of information will demonstrate they can operate independently. They also demonstrate they can think for themselves. More importantly, they demonstrate they do not need micro-management. Micro-management is the number 1 killer to any relationship with a company.

d) Leave the diva for another place – not work. Ouch! Merriam Webster defines diva as a self-important person who is temperamental and difficult to please.

This is an issue that I have heard time and time again from many employers in and out of the Psychic market. Divas exist in every profession. Those that are high maintenance do not get hired. Who would want to add more to the already demanding day and the divas they have to deal with? Would you?

e) Empathy wins: Place yourself in the employer’s shoes. If you can get a sense of your supervisor’s workload, you will realize that the easier you are to work with, they more likeable you become.