Tip 12: Part 4: Psychic Sweatshopa-Uncharged Fees to Psychic Contractors

Psychic Contractors
Fraud practices on some jobs for psychics

“Sweatshopa” has a significant problem with uncharged readings. Uncharged readings mean that the company did not conduct the proper due diligence on a client’s credit card and allowed them on the system to get a reading. The company will enable them to get the reading first, and LATER charges them.

That is one of the biggest mistakes ever made in the history of this industry. In my 30 years of experience, I have never seen this type of practice. Their competition, labeled as Joint 1 and Joint 3, does not practice this. Again, I will repeat, they do not practice this.

The reason this is a heated topic is that the reader will perform the service and then receive an “uncharged” flag. So, in other words, those services will not be paid UNTIL the monies are extracted from the client. 

It has come to my attention that there are readers that are owed over $2000 in uncharged fees.

However, the more frustrating part about this is the response Joint 2 gives when inquiring about the status of those fees. Their answer is similar to “we are doing everything possible to collect these fees. Remember, if you don’t get paid, neither do we.” Worse, they also state that “there is a risk you take when working online.”

Now in my professional opinion, according to a Business 101 course I took in undergrad, the definition of management is: To Motivate, organize, and lead subordinates to achieve organizational goals. “I believe this definition is accurate and places Joint 2 in a very ignorant and yet amateur position.

There are many problems with allowing clients to use a platform without paying. First, the client’s card number may change. The client may never come back and update his/her information. Then some clients may see this gap and abuse the system. Hence, they can use different user names and never settle a previous tab.

No company should ever allow a client to accumulate a tab. This is not a bar! It’s an on-demand service.

Our network doesn’t practice this behavior. Truly it is unfortunate. Knowing about this helps researchers and applicants make informed decisions.

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