Tip 13: Part 5: Psychic Sweatshops Requiring Psychic Readers Give Free Minutes.

Psychic readersMany psychic networks offer clients free minutes.  Yet some, such as Sweatshopa and Sweatshop B, require all psychic readers give out 3 free minutes to all clients regardless if they are new or not.  This is the company’s way of letting clients try different psychics to see who they connect and/or like prior to paying.

When I walk into a supermarket that gives out food samples, the purpose is to give the consumer a chance to taste the product so that an idea is formed about the product.  It allows the client to decide if they like it or not. Yet I see gluttons all the time at the supermarket.  Once, I saw a woman devour almost 6 slices of pizza.  She was chomping down on those samples with such passion and urgency.  It was as if she were pregnant with triplets.  Yet she was NOT pregnant.

Gluttons also occur on Sweatshopa.  They will try to get freebies and manipulate the system.  However, the company knows this and condones this because its’ their marketing tactic.

Our network never requires a reader to give out any free minutes or settle for a lesser rate for a client intro.  Instead, we bite the bullet on those marketing introductions.  The reader gets paid for all minutes regardless of promotion or not.

There are many new clients on Sweatshopa that will sign up under different user names to try to get more freebies.  In fact, many clients will sign up just to get freebies and close out the moment paid reading time begins.

We cannot give advice how readers should handle that as that is beyond our scope.  Sure I have an opinion towards that such as I have an opinion about the pizza glutton I saw at the supermarket.  However, one thing is for sure, not every network works the same.

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We will continue this series sharing input on Sweatshopa and Sweatshop B .  Stay tuned and be sure to apply to our network.