Tip 34: Work From Home: Choose environment carefully Psychic Line Employment

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Work from home

Work form home has advantages. When a Psychic Network staff a Psychic Reader onto its’ platform, they are investing trust onto that reader because clients view the advisor as a representative of the company. Clients judge the quality of the network and the network’s brand based on the advisor that answers the call.

Psychic Networks conduct evaluations for Psychic applicants (as a test reading). Usually, it is a 15-minute reading in which the applicant gives an accurate reading to the caller. The applicant’s physical place at the time of the evaluation should not distract the reading. It is vital to making a positive first impression by not allowing that set time to have kids, dogs, and other possible noises impact the tone or level of professionalism. A noisy background interferes with making a positive first impression and quality. In testing applicants, I recalled an applicant that attempted doing her test reading while driving a vehicle. The best headphone would not cancel the sound of driving. More importantly, she was on the road driving. Her main primary focus needed to be on the reading. That was an immediate concern. She was not giving it her all. For me, I interpret that as not taking the appointment seriously.

It is common when interviewing for any job; the applicant would put on their best presence forward. For a more traditional job such as at an office, perhaps one would be extra well-groomed and wear the best clothes for that particular moment. After all, competition in any field is intense. For every applicant, dozens of other applicants may be able to render the same quality or provide better quality. 

If the first impression is an applicant driving a car while doing a reading, an immediate concern would be how the client would treat a call with an actual paying client. That is way too risky for any company. 

There have been other times when evaluators heard babies crying in the background, dogs barking, and smoke alarms sounding off simultaneously. It was a very chaotic day for the applicant. 

First impressions are lasting impressions. I have heard about instances where an applicant could have done better. The applicant showed promise and was offered a position conditionally or offered a second chance to re-evaluate after a few months. There are no definitives — factors for: effort, talent, and character synthesized to determine the next steps.

It all boils down to care. An applicant demonstrates talent, care, and places effort in the process; it will be considered. 

For example, if you phoned your bank’s support department and heard kids screaming in the background, would you view it as a professional? Would you want to continue doing business with an institution that doesn’t take you seriously? When there are other banks, you know you can get the quality you desire. The same concept applies to Psychic Networks. 

If an applicant or contractor wants to be treated seriously, they will demonstrate that they are taking the position seriously as well. This is not only applicable to Psychic readers; it is universally appropriate for the entire workforce. Apply on now for a Psychic Reader position.

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